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By using our online store, you are accepting and agreeing to our terms and
conditions. Please read these terms and conditions below.

Protection of Personal information and
confidential information
The protection of personal information explains how collects
personal information on its users, how we use them and in what circumstances
we can and are authorised to disclose them. We are consumers just like you
therefore, the protection of your information is very important to us. The moment
you give us confidential information you are agreeing and accepting the way
Gold Disciple collects, uses, discloses and manages that information as stated
below. We collect that information when you: (1) purchase products from our
online store as well as our physical destinations; (2) sign up to;
(3) complete a survey; (4) participate in a contest and/or any other form of
promotion; (5) contact us; (6) otherwise submitted to us in any other way. The
information collected could include and is not singled to your name, address, e-
mail, phone number, purchases, date of birth, payment method and/or any other
information that you may give us throughout the process of online or instore
shopping. We can and are authorised to combine information that we receive on
and about our users online and offline. In case of regular operation and standard
procedures on our online store, we can and are authorised to collect non-
confidential information on our users including and not singled to your web
navigator, operation system, IP address and the internet address used to visit our
online store. Also, we can collect information and statistics on your navigator’s
behavior such as the time and date of your visit, the subjects and/or pages you
visit, the number of times you visit and/or any other flow of information.

Personal information access
You will and can have access to any information you have given us at any time.
You can also make corrections, modify and or ask and demand for this
information to stop being used. To do so please send us an e-mail at containing your name, your address and a precise
explanation as to why you would like to put a stop to it.

Information Usage
We can use the collected information on our users and/or about our users for the
following purposes: (1) to follow up on your order, demands concerning your
order and/or products as well as keep you informed about anything in regards to
your order; (2) send you offers, deals and/or publicity; (3) contact you and send
you information and/or promotional information depending on the choices that
you have made throughout your online shopping; (4) contact you when and if
necessary; (5) for market study, to review and improve our product selection,
customer service, online and offline operations as well as your shopping
experience overall; (6) protect and secure the store and/or its integrity; (7)
otherwise, with your permission. Our team and/or your service provider acting in
your name, can use cookies and web beacons to collect the information
described above. A cookie is a small file that ca be saved on your computer’s
hard drive when you visit the site. A web beacon is typically and usually a one
pix/image used to pass information from your computer to the website. We can
use these cookies and/or web beacons to: (1) remind users when they re-visit
our online store; (2) Follow items in users shopping cart; (3) send users
personalised advertisement; (4) control web usage; (5) measure our
advertisements efficiency on our website as well as other online destinations
and/or e-mails; (6) to improve our content, products and services. Users are free
to deny the use of cookies, by doing so you might find yourself unable to access
certain characteristics the site has to offer as well as being able to take full
advantage of our offers. Please verify the help menu on your computer to learn
how to change these preferences. By denying these cookies you will also lose
certain web beacons. We work and collaborate with service providers that also
use cookies and web beacons to collect information on our user’s online visits as
well as other web destinations to send users advertisements through the internet
based on the information we have collected through these cookies and web
beacons. Please see our It’s your choice section below.

If you chose and prefer to not receive these e-mail please contact us
at We will follow up on this request within reasonable
delays, meanwhile you might receive e-mails that were already and automatically
planned. If you chose not to receive these promotional e-mails, please follow the
instructions to unsubscribe that is attached and sent within each e-mail you


We have put in place security measures to save and protect personal information
as well as control employee access and authorised service providers that
demand this information as described in our Protection of Personal
information and confidential information above. We maintain a reasonable,
administrative, technical and physical protection to protect against unauthorised
access to use, modify and disclose this personal information under our control.
Our service providers are not authorised to use and/or reveal our user’s personal
information under any circumstances other than provide services under and
representing our name and/or otherwise required by the applicable law. To
provide users with a higher level of security, web access to certain of these
information can be protected by a password that users get to pick and choose.
We highly recommend that you keep this password to yourselves. These
passwords are confidential and under no circumstances would we and/or ask you
to reveal this information to us. No information whether personal not that is
entered on the internet is 100% secure. Although we make it our responsibility to
protect our user personal information from unauthorised access, use and/or
disclosure, Gold Disciple cannot assure and/or guarantee that the information
given through the use of our site is and will be secure.

Protecting your information with SHOPIFY
We use Solutions SHOPIFY to treat all operations concerning interact and/or
credit transactions. We do not register and/or keep any information concerning
our users interact/credit cards when they purchase on

All texts, graphics, logos, buttons, images, audio clips, digital down loads, and/or
statistic compilations – whether individual and/ or combines on the site, are
property of Gold Disciple and are protected by the international law on
copyrights. Each and every one of Gold Disciple’s trademarks cannot be used
without our written permission and consent. These trademarks include the name
and logo Gold Disciple and/or products, services and/or Gold Disciple programs.
All other trademarks that appear on the website our property of their respectable
owner, that are and/or are not affiliated with, associates (or linked to) and/or
sponsored by Gold Disciple and/or our associates.

Errors and inaccuracies

Our goal is to give information as complete, exact and up to date as possible on
our website. Unfortunately, it is not possible to insure that the whole web site be
free of errors whether they be human and or technical. This site may contain
typographic, inaccuracies and/or omissions, some of them being and might be
related to prices and/or availability, and some might not be complete and/or up to
date altogether. We reserve the right to correct any error, inaccuracy and/or
omission including after an order has been placed and submitted and/or update
information whenever without notice. We sincerely apologise for any
inconvenence this might cause.